Presentation HangersPresentation hangers are ideal selling tools when you want to present a coordinated set of materials in a retail environment.  They are bound into a hanger style cap and are usually identified with identification strips or individual labels.

Presentation hangers can have straight, pinked, framed, and serged edges depending on the material being sampled.

Presentation Hangers – Leed Highlights

Ultra Small Quantity – Leed can manufacture your presentation hanging samples in quantities as low as 24 per sku.  Small quantities and quick turnaround mean you can greatly reduce your sample inventory expense and still avoid out-of-stock situations.

Fulfillment Services – With our in-house fulfillment services you’ll be able to rapidly respond to individual swatch requests and keep retail displays complete and up to date.

If you need presentation hanging samples for your retail channles, contact us today to discuss how Leed can help.