Backprinted Memo SampleBackprinted memo samples are used only on surface materials that can accept ink directly on their backing. This form of memo identification is mostly limited to wallcoverings, which are either scrim, paper or spun backed.

Backprinting is an economical method when material characteristics and run quantity allow, since no additional material or attachment is required. Backprinting is not feasible when the material does not readily accept lithographic inks, or when the quantity required is low.

Backprinted Memo Samples – Leed Highlights

Backprinted Memo Sample - DetailHigh Quality Offset Printing – Leed prints backprinted memos on our specially outfitted offset printing presses. Offset printing offers the best clarity of image and consistency of appearance – especially when compared to other companies’ flexographic methods.

Integration with Digital Sampling and Fulfillment Services – Leed clients can combine memo samples with their web-based catalogs, leveraging the benefits of both worlds. Adding Leed’s fulfillment services capabilities completes the picture, delivering a unified and fully-coordinated sampling program.

If backprinted memo samples are an important part of your materials sampling mix, simply contact us today to discuss how Leed can help.