Labeled Memo SampleLabeled memo samples are used when graphic continuity with backprinted memos is wanted, but the quantity or material type does not allow for high quantity backprinting.

Labeled memos can be pinked, straight-edge cut, serged, or even paper-framed depending on the material.

Labeled Memo Samples – Leed Highlights

Labeled Memo Sample DetailBy-The-Yard Memos – Leed can manufacture your labeled memos in quantities as low as 24 per sku. Small quantities and quick turnaround mean you can greatly reduce your memo sample inventory expense and still avoid out-of-stock situations.

Special Labels – Most papers used for labels tend to curl when glued to wallcoverings and some fabrics. We use a special polyester material that lays perfectly flat when glued.

Integration with Digital Sampling and Fulfillment Services – Leed clients can combine memo samples with their web-based catalogs, leveraging the benefits of both worlds. Adding Leed’s fulfillment services capabilities completes the picture, delivering a fully-coordinated sampling program.

If labeled memo samples are an important part of your materials sampling mix, contact us today to discuss how Leed can help.