Mailing & Distribution | Samples and Sales Literature Fulfillment by LeedEfficient mailing & distribution processes help ensure successful marketing programs by providing your sales channels with the promotional materials and sales literature they need, at the right time.

Speed is of the essence. Our clients depend on same-day shipping to make sure that samples and other marketing materials reach their destination as quickly as possible.

Mailing & Distribution – Leed Highlights

Flexibility & Scalability – No matter the size of a mailing or distribution, Leed’s highly flexible staffing model allows us to get materials to your sales force when they are promised, without sacrificing order accuracy or same-day shipments. No more missed shipments or cost overruns due to in-house staff shortages or unexpected order surges.

Transport Time & Cost Savings – We are centrally located in Ireland, Indiana, which means time and cost savings for our clients. The majority of shipments to US destinations have a transit time of 1 -3 days.

Same-Day Shipments – We ship the same day on every order received by 5pm Eastern. We do this every business day – all year round.

Keep your dealers and sales reps happy while reducing mail and distribution costs. Contact us to learn more about the advantages Leed’s fulfillment services can offer to your marketing programs.