Memo Samples
A memo sample is an individual material sample used to confirm the designer’s or consumer’s initial material selection. Designers also use memo samples to present material recommendations to their clients.

Memo samples are usually the final selection tool for the surface material and typically become the informal “contract” specifying the material the end-consumer expects from their purchase.

Memo swatches are generally larger than catalog samples, such as swatch cards, stack books or swatch decks. The most common sizes for this type of sample are 8½” x 8½”, 13” x 13” and 17” x 17”.

At Leed we have a proven track of designing and producing a broad range of high quality memo samples, including ticketed memo samples, backprinted memo samples, labeled memo samples, and chain memo samples.

Memo Samples – Leed Highlights

By-The-Yard Memos – Leed can manufacture your memos in quantities as low as 24 per sku. Small quantities and quick turnaround mean you can greatly reduce your memo sample inventory expense and still avoid out-of-stock situations.

Design Flexibility – Memo swatches can be pinked, straight edge cut, serged, or even paper framed depending on the material.

Integration with Digital Sampling and Fulfillment Services – You can combine memo samples with a web-based catalog, leveraging the benefits of both. And with our cost-effective in-house fulfillment services you’ll have a complete managed sampling program.

If memo samples are an important part of your materials sampling mix, contact us today to discuss how Leed can help.